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”All I want to do is glorify Christ through music and life.” 





about Dj Warr

With three boys in a Portsmouth, VA house and no biological father, DJ Warr sought the streets for guidance and acceptance. He was living a life of sin without any concern for God. Although he watched his friends become victims to the streets, by God’s grace, he never went to jail or was injured due to street violence. God had a plan for his life. In 2003, he became saved which completely transformed his life. Now he has a burning desire to walk in the likeness of Christ until his dying day.DJ Warr started DJing because of his love of music. He understands how music can mold and change lives. He began spinning Christian Hip Hop because of how much it influenced him. He also noticed the lack of radio play it received. This sparked his interest in radio DJing. In 2013 he started his internet radio program, Warr Zone Radio, on Fishbowl Radio Network.

What inspires DJ Warr is seeing others worship and praise God freely through the expression of music. He focuses on spinning music that inspires and has substance. DJ Warr’s influences begins with DJ Jazzy Jeff watching him scratch, mix, and blend music. Dr. Tony Evans of Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship, DJ TLM, and DJ Wade-o of Wade-O Radio are also influential people who helped mold the type of DJ and man of God DJ Warr has grown to become.  

DJ Warr has spun for artist such as Full Ride’s This’l, RMG’s Tony Tilman, Lamp Mode’s J’son, Die Daily’s Sean C. Johnson and Street Hymns, Collision Record’s Kishon Furlow, LaToria, Flavor Fest in Tampa Florida and many local artist in Texas. He has had multiple gigs at churches, youth events, lounges, outreaches, conferences, and concerts.

DJ Warr spins a wide range of music including Christian Hip Hop, EDM, Rhythm and Praise, Gospel, Contemporary, and the list goes on. He brings an unique energy and positive music while providing a high quality of professionalism. 



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